GigPig's Guide to Post-Gig Eats: Liverpool

Being that Liverpool gifted the world arguably the most important culinary phenomenon in history; Salt & Pepper chips, it's safe to assume that when it comes to late night eats, the options are pretty spectacular…

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GigPig's Guide to Post-gig eats: Liverpool

Soaking up the post-gig excesses is an essential part of any gig experience, so when doing so on the banks of the Mersey, make sure you're doing it right…

First off, it's got to be Crazy Pedros. Their Frankenstein's Monster approach to pizza making is truly admirable and often enough to make you weep with joy when you sink your teeth into a behemoth slice after departing a mosh pit. A few Mezcals to wash down your chewy, cheesy, saucy stopout treat and you'll officially be the happiest person on earth at 4am.

Crazy Pedros Pizza

Not far behind in terms of giddiness will be anyone who rocks up to Madre and inhales several platefuls of their Dockside tacos. Open until midnight on Thursday and 2am Friday and Saturday, there's plenty of opportunity to polish off a night of live music with the best Mexican street food in the city and, of course, a shot or three of tequila…


North Garden is a family run Cantonese restaurant that's been serving some of the best loved Chinese food in the city and, most importantly, it does so until past midnight almost every night. Because nothing caps off a memorable gig quite like devouring a plate of roasted three meats and rice and salt and pepper ribs.

North Garden

For the kebab heads among you (so, pretty much everyone, we're guessing?) Mr Kebab is magnificently open until 6am every day and will sort you out with a chicken or donner (or both) kebab teeming with salad, chilli and garlic sauce that is big enough to double as a draught excluder. Only it's far, far tastier. Especially after several pints of questionably watered down gig lager…

Mr Kebab

And, if it's kebabs you're after, it's not just Mr Kebab who can sort you out. Gourmet Grill's charcoal grilled efforts are similarly spectacular and can be ordered and devoured until 4.30am. Well, you can scran it later than that, obviously. You might need it as an emergency breakfast the morning after. No judgements here.

Gourmet Grill

*Very professional email voice* If we could just circle back to pizzas for a second, though, Nightcrawler Pizza are your friendly local pizza dealer, with their 16 inch slices being your hook up until midnight every Thursday and, more importantly, 3am on Friday and Saturday. So stomp down to Slater Street post gig as the weekend arrives and deal some dough into your gob.

Nightcrawler Pizza

Your third and final ‘za spot to head to after hours is Hellopizza Liverpool for some truly bombastic pies, sides and calzones. The 281 Kensington gaff provides pimped up takeaway classics, elevating the late night kebab shop pies to dangerously good levels with properly fresh ingredients. Their logo pays tribute to the Jordan Jumpman as well, which is obviously brilliant.

Hello Pizza

If the neon pink aesthetic doesn’t burn your eyes too harshly after a few hours in the pit, then Archies, ‘home of the good burger’ demands your attention. In fact, ‘good burger’ is drastically underselling their beefy (and fried chicken) offerings, all of which bang and bang very, very hard. Smashed, stacked and served with crinkle cut fries. Perfection upon perfection and available until 1am Sunday-Thursday and 2am Friday and Saturday.


Of course, Liverpool’s salt and pepper scene is legendary, so any chippy you come across with it’s lights glowing after hours will sort you out if you find yourself crying out for that pepper, onion and spice mix spread across chips, chicken and, well, pretty much anything else…

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