GigPig is the only tool you need to book and get gigs.

GigPig is a platform that helps venues manage the entire process of booking live musicians and DJs.

Always free to artists, it allows you to get gigs, get paid, and do more of what you love.

We’ve worked in live music before autotune was a thing. So, we know the business like the back of our hands. That’s why we can take away the uncertainty, barriers and bad practices that have gone before to reimagine how the hospitality industry books gigs.

GigPig works to democratise the live music scene. No messing. No stress. By supporting venues and artists, we help rebuild the live music scene one great gig at a time.

GigPig is and always will be a free service for all artists, with no agency commission to pay.

All for the love of music.

That's us.

That's GigPig.